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Mirrix Tapestry Loom - 38″ Zeus

Large Loom for Large Weaving Projects

The Mirrix 38" Zeus Tapestry & Bead Loom is the largest loom of the collection. It has double beams on the top and bottom that ensures it stays sturdy as you weave.

Despite the fact that it was designed to be large enough to weave large tapestries, you can still easily move this tool from one place to another. It's very portable, it can even fit inside your car!

Thread Collective is the Australian supplier of Mirrix looms and is able to bring you local support and accessories.

Mirrix Tapestry & Bead Loom Features

The top and bottom beams of the loom are made of anodized aluminium, while the sidebars are made of sturdy steel and copper. It also comes with wooden clips made of maple.


What can you weave on this loom? 

With the Mirrix Zeus Tapestry & Bead Loom, you can weave beads and fibres in large sizes. One great example is a rug.

How to use the 38" Zeus Mirrix Tapestry Loom

To use the loom for weaving, position it upright with two fold-out legs on a table or on the Mirrix Harvey Stand. You can also add the shedding device to this loom although it's not required for every project. If you do plan to use the shedding device often, you'll want to get some heddles.


Optional Accessories

Bottom Spring Kits



    Shasta Combs



The No Warp-Ends Kit



Extra Warping Bar Kit



      Loom Extenders



The Electric Spencer Treadle



    The Mirrix Harvey Stand


             Add-On Bottom Beam
               Extra Shedding Device

Loom Specs:
Weaving Width: 89 cm (35")
Weaving Length without Shedding Device: 154 cm (61") with continuous warping 
Weaving Length with Shedding Device: 145 cm (57") with continuous warping
Loom Width: 96.5 cm (38")
Weight: 6.4 kg

*Notes: The weaving lengths listed factor in warp waste. You can weave the "without the shedding device" weaving length with the shedding device if you use it and then remove it at the very end and finish off the piece without it.