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Mirrix Heddles - Original and Extended Shed

Heddles for your Mirrix Loom

There are now two Texsolv heddle options for your Mirrix looms. The original single eye heddles and the new heddles are compatible with Mirrix shed extenders. 

Original Mirrix Single Eye Heddles

The original single eye heddles for Mirrix looms connect your shedding device to the warp threads of your loom. The single eye heddles are used when you have the shedding device attached. these heddles come on a roll of 100.  


Mirrix Heddles for Shed Extenders

These heddles (bundles of 100) have been released to suit Mirrix looms using the shed extenders. 

These heddles connect to the shedding device exactly the same way the original Mirrix heddles are. To put them on, hook one end of the heddle to the shed bar on the shedding device, loop the entire heddle around the warp thread and then hook the other end of the heddle to the same bar. 

The Difference Between Mirrix Heddles

The original Mirrix heddles are basically one big loop. The heddles for the shed extenders are similar to Texsolv heddles found on table and floor looms.  

Difference between Mirrix heddles

Left, original Mirrix single loop heddle. Right, heddle for use with shed extenders.
Both are put on the loom in the same way.