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Mirrix Shasta Combs

Fast and Easy Warping

The Mirrix Shasta Combs are designed to make warping a lot easier. These can turn a Mirrix Loom into a simple frame loom and, at the same time, retains the wonderful tensioning system and the ability to use the Mirrix shedding device.

The Shasta Combs are not meant to replace the current Mirrix warping system, which provides the advantage of putting on a warp that is longer than the loom itself, as well as a variety of warp setts. However, these do provide an additional warping method that's super fast and simple, and also allows you to weave a tapestry piece (of limited lengths) with no warp-ends to finish.

Made of aluminium, these weaving loom accessories provide a limited warp sett of 8 or 4 ends per inch. However, if you use them with a top and bottom warp coil you can get whatever sett the warp coils are.

What You Get

A set of two aluminium combs: one for the top and another for the bottom of your loom. These have three sides, making it super easy to clamp right onto the top and bottom beams of the loom without having to permanently change anything about the loom.

Why use Mirrix Shasta Combs?

The Shasta Combs make warping fast and easy, and also saves warp. This tool lets you create one layer of the warp instead of two and gives you the option of not having to finish the warp-ends when you're weaving tapestry.

Who uses Shasta Combs?

These tools are very useful for tapestry weavers and bead weavers. If you're a bead weaver working on small-sized beads, you might want to use this with a Bottom Spring Kit.

The combs are also great for beginning weavers who want the option of a simple method of warping, as well as weavers who want to weave pieces without warp-ends to finish.

Comb Length and Number of Teeth

  • 5" Mini Mirrix: 6 cm (2 3/8")long. 10 teeth.
  • 8” Lani Loom: 13.3 cm (5 1/4”) long. 21 teeth.
  • 12” Little Guy Loom: 23.5 cm (9 1/4”) long. 37 teeth.
  • 16” Big Sister Loom: 33.7 cm (13 1/4”) long. 53 teeth.
  • 22" Zach Loom: 48.3 cm (19 1/4") long. 77 teeth.

Note: Newer combs may arrive with a plastic protective coating on them.
Simply peel this off before use.