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Mirrix Chloe Pocket Loom 20cm (8")

The Newest Tiny Loom for Tapestry & Bead Weaving

Designed with portability, versatility, and functionality in mind, the Mirrix Chloe Pocket Loom comes with a built-in tensioning device and adjustable setts, making it a perfect tiny loom for tapestry and bead weaving!

This loom is made of the same aluminium as Mirrix's traditional series looms, and you can choose from the 5 sett combs that allow you to weave at 6, 8, 10, 12, or 14 EPI. Additional sett combs for the Chloe Loom can be bought and easily swapped out, and this 8" loom also comes with 2 custom-made wrenches for simple loom assembly and tension adjustment.

Please note that this loom does not come with a shedding device.

Positioning: Horizontal on a lap or table or upright with the Chloe Loom Stand. 

What Can You Weave On the Chloe Loom?

With the Chloe Loom, you can do tapestry weaving and bead weaving. Mirrix recommends the 14-dent comb if you will be doing bead weaving with 11/0 seed beads.

What's Included with the Chloe Loom?

One top and bottom beam with metal combs at your preferred sett, one threaded rod for an 8" weaving length, two wing-nuts, two double washers, one hex nut, one ordinary washer, one cap nut, one plastic cap, and written instructions.

8" Chloe Loom Complete Sett Collection

If buying the Chloe Loom with the complete sett collection, you will get 4 sett combs: 8, 10, 12, and 14 EPI.

    We recommend getting two small wrenches for tightening the loom, but if you already have wrenches you can use, you may not be needing new ones.

    8" Complete Chloe + Accessories Starter Package

    When you purchase the complete starter package, you will get all items included in the complete sett collection along with the chloe loom stand, two small wrenches, one short rod, and one long rod.

    8" Chloe Loom Specs:

    Weaving Width: 20cm (8")
    Weaving Length: 20cm (8")
    Loom Width: 22cm (8.5")
    Weight: 0.6kg (1lb 5 oz)

    A 5" Chloe Loom is also available with 4 different setts.

    Accessories for the Chloe Pocket Loom

    If you are not buying the Chloe Loom Starter Package, you can purchase these accessories separately at a later time: