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Weaving and Packing Needle - Hardened Steel

Weaving and Packing Needles

Prym's weaving and packing needles are made from hardened steel are suitable for weaving and sewing coarse materials such as jute, wool, or linen.

The weaving needle has a polished rounded tip making it gentle of your fabric when weaving and sewing.  The large elongated eyelet makes threading the needle an easy job even when using a thick yarn.  

The packing needle has a flattened curved, spearhead which makes assists in piercing through thick, hard, and tense material. These specialty weaving and packing needles are used for coarsely sewing sacks, mats or other thickly-woven, firm materials. 

Both the weaving and packing needle measure 2.35mm x 15 cm.


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