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Seine Cotton Twine - Tapestry and Rug Warping Yarn - 454g

Cotton Seine Twine: Also known as Cable Cotton

Seine twine is a must-have if you need a strong warping cotton yarn for your next project.  Seine Twine originates from the fishing industry and is known for its strength and durability.  Swine has very little stretch making it a great choice for large tapestry projects that need strength, rug warps and for macrame and knot projects.

Thread Collective offers Seine Twine in three sizes;

  #12 4/12/2 #9 5/12/3 #6 4/12/3
Fibre 100% Cotton 100% Cotton 100% Cotton
Size of Spool 454g (1lb) 454g (1lb) 454g (1lb)
Yards / Pound 1260 yds/lb 672 yds/lb 840 yds/lb
Meters /  Kilo 2540m/kg 1355m/kg 1693m/kg

What is SieneTwine?

Seine twine is constructed similar to a rope.  It has a very tight twist and therefore very little stretch. The numbers on Seine twine indicate how it has been constructed. For example, the #12 Seine is made from 4 strands of size 12 thread twisted together (like a single twist yarn) and this 4/12 is played with another 4/12 (the 2).