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Mercerised Egyptian Cotton - Ne 20/2 (Nm 34/2) | Neutrals (6002-7100) 100g Spools

Venne Mercerised Cotton Fine Lace Yarn

Venne's Ne 20/2 mercerised cotton is a beautiful fine yarn that offers a luxurious shine and lustre. The range is available in 113 exceptional colours on both 100g cones and 12g mini spools. 

Venne's mercerised cotton is a versatile yarn that is great for use in weaving projects and is popular for bobbin lace projects, embroiders and top stitching in quilting.

The fibre for Venne's Ne 20/2 mercerised cotton is a long-staple Egyptian cotton, dyed in the Netherlands. The colours are rich with a finish that is reminiscent of silk yarn.


      Fibre Name

      Mercerised Cotton

      Size (g)

      100g cones (1700m)

      Size (lb)

      3.52oz spool (1840yds)

      Fibre Content

      100% Egyptian mercerised cotton

      Yarn Count Ne

      Ne 20/2

      Yarn Count Nm

      Nm 34/2

      Yarn  Weight

      Lace (0)

      Meters per Kilo

      17000m per kilo

      Yards Per Pound

      8433 yards per pound


      2-ply with a tight twist

      Yarn Delivery


      Country of Origin

      Egyptian cotton, processed in  the Netherlands


      There are 113 vibrant shades of Venne's mercerised cotton however due to variant colours restrictions, additional colours are available on another product page.  Please click the link below to view. 

      Mercerised Cotton Colour Swatches
      20/2 Mercerised Colour Card
      Additional Colours 
      Sample Colours Available


      Venne's Ne 20/2 mercerised cotton is also available in 12g mini-spools and 1kg cones on request.