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Maurice Brassard Cotton Weaving Yarn 8/8 - 454g

Thick Cotton String for Crochet and Tapestry

The Maurice Brassard 8/8 Cotton Weaving Yarn is a 100% 8 ply cotton string that's a great choice for tapestry, rug, and crochet projects. Made up of 8 strands of size 8 yarn, this is very versatile cotton.

The cones are 1lb (464g) in size and each spool has 760m on it. The 8/8 cotton string is approximately 2mm in diameter.

Additional Information  

  • Maurice Brassard 100% Cotton 8/8
  • On tube approximately 454g (1 lb)
  • 1690 meters/kilo (840 yds/lb)
  • 760 meters (840 yds) per bobbin
  • Colour sample cards are available here

*Whilst every effort has been taken to capture the true colour of the products, the colour may vary from that shown on your screen and from different dye batches. The colours photographed show 8/2 cotton on a 1/2 lb spool.

Get a Sample Card

Not sure which colours to get? Purchase a Maurice Brassard Cotton Sample Card to see your options. Sample cards are recommended for true colours.