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Magiske Garner Shrink Yarn (Nm 19)

A Unique Yarn that Shrinks

The Magiske Garner Shrink Yarn (Nm 19) is made of 100% polyester. Create beautiful textiles with this unique yarn!

How it Works

After weaving or knitting, steam the finished weave/knit with a steam iron. It shrinks approx. 60-70% all after binding etc. After shrinkage, the weave/elastic is completely inelastic - it will not be possible to pull it out to its original size again.

It is important to note that shrink yarn and crepe yarn are two COMPLETELY different products with VERY different properties. If you want to know more about the yarn, you can read about it in Thread Magic: Weaving for Shape and Texture.


  • Nm: 19.6
  • Number of meters: 1900
  • Weight: 100 grams