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Jute String 2mm & 4mm Macrame String [Discontinued]

Natural Jute for Macrame

Jute is a bast plant fibre known for its versatility and strength. As this fibre is sourced from a vegetable plant, it's an environment-friendly choice for craft artists. This natural jute macrame string is great for natural weaving projects, basketry, plant hangers and wall hangings, crochet projects with attitude, and a lot more.

The Jute yarn from Ada Fibres is available in a 2mm and 4mm twisted string. Being a twisted string, it will feel softer to use than regular jute twine. It comes on a 500g spool. The 2mm jute string has a length of approximately 300m (120m/ 100g) and the 4mm is approximately 150m in length (60m / 100g).

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