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Plain Weave: 60 Patterns for Mastering the Basic Technique | Tina Ignell

A Comprehensive Study of Stripes, Plaids, Colour Effects

Tina Ignell is a renowned weaving expert and author of Favorite Scandinavian Projects to Weave.In the book, Plain Weave: 60 Patterns for Mastering the Basic Technique, she turns her attention to the deceptively simple and endlessly adaptable category of plain weaves, in this exhaustive overview of techniques, sample projects, and inspirational possibilities.

In this book, Tina will show you how to combine a wide variety of materials, setts, beats, and other effects with just two shafts—and sometimes four—and you will be amazed by the technical complexity, visual and textural effects, and exquisite pattern styles you can achieve.

The book Plain Weave includes:

  • Project photographs as close to "actual size" as possible, to allow a true-to-life look at pattern structure and threading.
  • Descriptions, instructions, and tips for dyeing, finishing, specialty techniques—everything necessary to master plain weave from start to finish.
  • Variations that include open rep with weft showing, using a fan reed, weaving in pleats and other textures, ikat and other patterned dyeing techniques, knotted paper yarn, and more.