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Potholder Loom Designs: 140 Colorful Patterns

Countless Possibilities on the Potholder Loom

Enjoy the art of weaving at the small-scale level with the fun, accessible potholder loom. The book Potholder Loom Designs: 140 Colorful Patterns by Harrisville Designs & Rachel Snack lets you choose from a plethora of patterns that can be woven on any standard potholder loom or on the PRO loom, resulting in colourful, practical works of art—and a joyful escape into creativity! 

Familiar to many from their childhood, simple square potholder looms hold stretchy fabric loops that are woven to create practical gifts or handy trivets for your own kitchen. There is a world of designs that you can create with your colour and pattern choices, and most potholders take less than an hour from loom to done.

Along with the exciting patterns for two-colour to eight-colour squares, be inspired by ideas for enjoying potholder weaving as a group activity, or as a fundraiser for schools, clubs, and other organizations.

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