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Venne Eco Jeans Recycled Sample Colour Card - Nm 12/2

Reuse and Create

The Venne Eco Jeans Recycled Sample Colour Card showcases the brand's unique yarn for the environmentally conscious crafter. Made from 100% recycled fibres, the Eco Jeans yarns give new life to an old favourite.


  • 48% recycled cotton, 47% recycled polyester, and 5% other recycled material
  • Thickness: Ne 7/2 (Nm 12/2)

A combination of recycled jeans and denim jackets, and used plastic bottles to make the threaded wire polyester component. 

The full range of Venne's Eco Jeans yarns is available on 50g (300m) and 1kg cones (6000m). 

Below is a short video explaining the Global Organic Textile Standard. 

*Whilst every effort has been taken to capture the true colour of the products, the colour may vary from that shown on your screen and from dye batch to dye batch.