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Australian Cotton Yarn “Field to Fibre”

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Looking for an Australian-grown, exceptional cotton yarn that can be fully traceable back to the farm it was grown on? Look no further! Ada Fibres and Full Circle Fibres have collaborated to bring you a range of premium Australian cotton yarn that will not disappoint. 

The range has launched with 9 stunning colours. They’re all available in a laceweight weaving yarn, sock yarn for knitting and crochet, and an extra-fine laceweight yarn for weaving and stitching.

This is Australia's first range of commercially-dyed, fully traceable Australian cotton yarn. Every available manufacturing process has been completed in Australia!

Ada Fibres Australian Cotton Sock Yarn

How the Story Began

Ada Fibres is an environmentally and socially-conscious brand, which provides local and sustainable yarns to the growing craft market. The introduction of the Australian dyed cotton range allows Australian consumers access to Australian-grown, and made, cotton yarn that can be fully traced back to the farm.

All available manufacturing processes are done here in Australia; there are 2 local mills used for dyeing and plying. The spinning must be sent to UK as Australia's last cotton mill closed down in 2017. So Full Circle Fibres partners with a brand new state-of-the-art spinning mill for this stage.

Sales of this cotton line assist in firming up the business case to bring an advanced spinning mill back to Australian shores in the not too distant future.

From the Queensland Farm

The cotton fibre for this line of Australian Cotton Yarn is Australian Super Cotton. It is grown in St George in South West Queensland, the ideal setting to grow specialty cotton.

Australian Super Cotton - Fibre Grown in Queensland for Ada Fibres
Australian Super Cotton Farm - St George, Queensland, Australia


Family farmer Glenn Rogan voluntarily uses best-practice precision farming methods, that treat water, soil and land as treasure. Using organic fertiliser, crop rotation and integrated pest management - good bugs! - whilst growing his cotton. It enables full traceability -from the end product right back to which paddock the cotton was grown by our farmers at Australian Super Cotton.

Glenn's daughter, Rebecca, also plays a fundamental role in the business as their product development manager. Rebecca went on to be a grower representative on the CRDC committees, which reviews research and funding for the cotton industry. She is also a qualified auditor and now looks after the compliance and record-keeping side of their business.

Farming at Australian Super Cotton is a labour of love. We’re always aiming to improve fibre quality and consistency while reducing impact on the land.

What to Expect from the Australian Cotton Yarn Collection

Australian Super Cotton is a long-staple, meaning it has a long fibre length. The variety of cotton has been bred to thrive in Australian conditions. Add to this, the passion and expertise of growers knowing their land, using place-based best practices, and working with the ever-changing conditions each growing year, makes Australian Super Cotton unique. The water use is less than 70% of the global average, and the yields per hectare are world-leading, easily double - and even treble that - of many similar growing areas globally.

This cotton yarn is extremely smooth, resulting in a dense, luxurious, long-lasting & resilient cotton yarn that will create heirloom pieces.

Here's what you should expect from the new Australian cotton yarn collection:

  • The sock weight yarn (similar to Ne 8/4) is fantastic to use for homewares, clothing and works up wonderfully in crochet projects.
  • The lace weight yarn (similar to Ne 8/2) is an extremely strong yarn that can be used as a warp and weft.
  • The spinning and fibre combination results in a yarn with incredible lustre. Don't be fooled, this is unmercerised and incredibly soft.
  • Colour selections are set to grow over the next year, completing stunning rainbow hues before expanding into shades and tones. With your support, this range of dyed cotton yarns will become an Australian favourite.
Ada Fibres Australian Cotton Laceweight Yarn


With global supply chain chaos and awareness over fair working conditions, you can be assured of the true origins of the materials you use. We source and supply high-quality yarn and material with the full journey attached so you can create, design, and produce with a conscience.

The initial Australian cotton release is available exclusively through Thread Collective.

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