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Organic Cotton Ne 8/2 (227g spool)

Natural organic cotton weaving yarn 

This organic cotton weaving yarn produced by Maurice Brassard is an unbleached, natural shade and an excellent option for a variety of homewares and textiles. It's soft, machine washable and breathable, making it perfect for baby items, washcloths and cotton textile fabrics. Weave with this in its natural state or dye using fibre reactive dyes. 

This is a laceweight yarn Ne 8/2 in size. Each spool weighs 1/2lb (227g).

Why choose organic cotton weaving yarn over other weaving yarns?

Like many commercially grown crops around the world, cotton is commonly treated with a combination of pesticides, fungicides, insecticides and herbicides. Organic cotton is NOT. Organic cotton is produced on a much smaller scale and uses sustainable methods of agriculture.

Fibre Name


Size (g)

227g spool (1530m)

Size (lb)

1/2lb spool (1680yds)

Fibre Content

100% cotton organic

Yarn Count Ne

Ne 8/2

Yarn Count Nm

Nm 14/2

Meters per Kilo

6770m per kilo

Yards Per Pound

3360 yards per pound


2-ply with a tight twist

Yarn Delivery

Cardboard Spool

Suggested Sett

18-24 epi

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