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Leclerc Weaving Looms

North American Weaving Looms

Leclerc offers the widest range of handweaving looms & looms accessories manufactured in North America. From table looms and floor looms to weaving loom accessories. All Leclerc looms are made from Canadian Maple wood. 

Choosing Your Leclerc Weaving Loom

If you’re a creative weaver looking for a jack loom the Leclerc Colonial Loom is a great choice. This loom can be used as a general-purpose loom or for any specific purpose you require. Available in 8 and 12 shafts.

Wanting to eliminate the problem of one shaft floating on its own? Achieve this with the Nilus II Countermarch Loom. This loom has been designed so you have to lift or pull down every shaft. Available in different weaving widths.

If you’re looking for a loom that’ll allow you to weave with the ease of leg treading multi-shaft designs then you’ve found it with the Nilus II Jack Style Weaving Loom. This loom has been designed to overcome most 8 shaft jack looms problems in achieving a good shed.

We currently order Leclerc looms on request. If there is a specific loom you would like a price on, do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.

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Check our range of Leclerc looms to find the right one for you. We have a whole range of weaving looms that cater to every budget & weaving style.