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Cotton Twine 12 Ply - Warping Yarn | Molla

Cotton Twine has never been so colourful!

Looking for the perfect cotton twine yarn in vibrant colours to suit your weaving projects? Molla cotton twine is a high-quality yarn designed with weavers in mind.  

This cotton yarn has been designed with a tight twist to offer strength and provide a smooth surface for your projects.   

Molla cotton twine is Molla Mills’ signature yarn. Molla is made in Finland by Suomen Lanka and has the same high quality as Liina cotton twine.


Molla by Suomen Lanka

Fibre Content

100% Cotton


12-ply with a tight twist

Size (g)

500g (1280m)

Yarn Count Tex

30 Tex x 12

Meters per Kilo

2580m per kilo

 Yards per Pound

1280yds per pound

Yarn Delivery Cardboard Spool