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Mantis Stand | Omanik Factory

Extremely Versatile, Multi-Adjustable Embroidery Stand

The Mantis Stand from Omanik Factory is a functional table clamp stand for embroidery. The strong clamp fixes the stand with a frame or hoop to a table or shelf, up to a thickness of 9 cm. (3.54″).  Working on a frame or hoop leaves your hands free to work on your design.

It features two adjustable joints that will bend to the angle you wish for maximum comfort whilst creating your next masterpiece! Adjustments are straightforward, with large, easy-to-grip handles to loosen and tighten the joints. Once tightened, the parts don’t move. The solid steel stand will hold the frames up to L50 cm (19,6”) with the help of the frontal module. The side module holds the frames up to L60 cm. (23,6″).

With the flexibility of the Mantis Stand, you have the option of working on the couch and in bed, making your needlecraft time super comfortable.

You can customise your Mantis Stand by adding Omanik Factory accessories: