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Lowery Workstand Extra-Long L Bar - Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Extra-Long L Bar for your Lowery

The Stainless Steel Extra-Long L Bar from Lowery Workstands has been designed to position your work just where you need it when a little extra length is required. It's a must-have Lowery accessory if you have an extra-large piece of work, or need to position your work over a wide armchair. 

The measurements for the extra-long L bar are 46.5cm (18") in height and 30.5cm (12") in width. The diameter of the stainless steel model is 15mm and will only fit the stainless steel Lowery workstand. 

If you have a grey or coloured Lowery workstand you can find their extra-long L Bar and accessories here.

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