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Lowery Workstand - Daisy Dish

Beads and Buttons

This Daisy Dish by Lowery Workstand is the perfect accessory for the avid crafter.  The Daisy Dish slides onto the bar of the Lowery Workstand and has been designed to hold your beads, buttons and other craft items you need to keep close.

The Daisy Dish has been designed to fit either the grey or stainless steel workstands. It can be placed anywhere on the vertical 'L Bar" and can rotate 360 degrees on the bar. 

The Daisy Dish has an option for felt inserts which help reduce movement and increase visibility for light coloured beads and buttons. 

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Available in two sizes to fit either the grey or stainless steel models.

Diameter 175mm (7"), depth 12mm (0.5")