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Mohair Yarn

 Add Texture to Your Embroidery & Knits

Mohair fibre is known for being light as a feather and for its soft texture. Often used for lacework or for light, elegant knits, mohair can be combined with other types of yarn to create scarves and pullovers too. It's delicate and soft, but strong, making it an excellent yarn choice for embroidery and knitting.

What is Mohair Yarn?

This yarn is created from the angora goat's hair, which is prized for its luxurious and velvety fleece. Mohair yarn is a preferred option for knitting, crocheting, weaving, and embroidery because of its distinctive blend of characteristics.

Long, fine, and soft hair with a natural gloss is produced by the Angora goat, and it is quite appealing. Shearing the goat, washing and drying the hair, and spinning the fibre into yarn are the steps used to make mohair. The resulting yarn has a soft and fluffy feel, is lightweight, robust, and durable, and is ideal for making comfortable clothing and accessories.

The Uses of Mohair Yarn in Textile Making

One of the unique properties of mohair yarn is its insulating ability. It has a natural warmth that is perfect for creating garments and accessories that will keep you warm in cold weather. It is also breathable, which means that it can be worn comfortably in a range of temperatures.

Mohair yarn is also known for its ability to hold colour. Its fibres are naturally porous, which means that they absorb dye easily and hold onto it well. This makes mohair yarn a popular choice for creating vivid and vibrant garments and accessories.

In knitting, mohair yarn is often used in combination with other fibres to create a unique texture and feel. It can be paired with wool or silk to create a soft and warm garment with a delicate sheen. It is also commonly used in lace knitting, as it creates a delicate and airy fabric that drapes beautifully.

In embroidery, mohair yarn is often used to add texture and dimension to a piece. Its soft and fluffy texture makes it perfect for creating a range of effects, from smooth and subtle to bold and dramatic. It can be used in a range of stitches, including satin stitch, long and short stitch, and French knot.

Buy Mohair Yarn Online in Australia

Knitters, crocheters, weavers, and embroiderers can all benefit from using mohair yarn because it is a versatile and special fibre. It is a preferred material for making snug and lovely clothing and accessories because of its soft and fluffy texture, ability to insulate, and capacity to hold colour. Mohair yarn is unquestionably something you should take into consideration for your upcoming project, regardless of your level of craftiness.

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