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The Ashford Book of Carding

Revised and Expanded Guide to Carding Fibres

The Ashford Book of Carding (Revised Edition) By Jo Reeve is an expanded version of the popular inspiration guide to fibre carding. Learn all about the method of carding, as well as carding tools and techniques. The book also includes sections on the blending board and creating self-striping yarn.

If you are a hand spinner and felter, or someone simply looking to explore the fibre world, you'll find the sections on using the different types of carders and the blending board quite helpful.

This revised and expanded book also features detailed explanations of colour and fibre blending and colour theory, as well as step-by-step instructions and full-colour images that will welcome you into a wonderful world of colour and texture!


  1. Introduction
  2. What is Carding
  3. Ashford carding tools
  4. Fibre Properties
  5. Flick Carding
  6. Hand Carding
  7. Blending Board
  8. Drum Carding
  9. Fibre blending
  10. Colour blending
  11. Wild carding
  12. Colour theory
  13. Primary Colours
  14. Secondary Colours
  15. Tertiary Colours
  16. Complementary Colours
  17. Analogous Colours
  18. Colour Variations
  19. Making a colour gradation
  20. Projects