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Bluster Bay Plastic & Paper Pirns

Pirns for Bluster Bay Shuttles 

A pirn is a rod made of plastic or paper onto which yarn is wound for use as weft in weaving. Unlike bobbins, a prin is fixed in place and the yarn is delivered off one end of the pirn rather than from the middle.

The Bluster Bay 33cm (13″) end-feed shuttles use the 14cm (5.5") plastic pirns, while the 38.1cm (15″) end-feed shuttles use the 20cm (8") plastic pirns.

The 12.7cm (5") tapered paper pirns fit the 27.94cm (11") end-feed shuttles.

The Bluster Bay plastic pirns and tapered paper pirns are sold in packs of 5 at Thread Collective.