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Creative Treadling with Overshot | Susan Kesler-Simpson

Explore the Wonders of Overshot

Weave structures frequently have threading and treadling patterns that are unique to that weave structure and not shared by others. The book Creative Treadling with Overshot by Susan Kesler-Simpson deviates from the standard approach of weaving overshot patterns by employing several treadling techniques.

Weaving overshot patterns such as Summer/Winter, Italian style, starburst, crackling, and petit point are just a few examples. The core image is retained in each case, but the design is transformed.

Each chapter leads you through the setup for each method and contains projects with complete drawings and directions, making it simple to begin weaving and witness the miracle! Try the patterns on scarves, table runners, shawls, cushions, and even upholstered furniture. After a few projects, you'll be able to apply what you've learned to whatever piece you want!