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Easy Weaving with Supplemental Warps | Deb Essen

Overshot, Velvet, Shibori, and More

Imagine weaving overshot along the length of your cloth with just one shuttle, or weaving terry cloth towels for your bath. All of this and more are attainable with only four shafts and a supplementary warp. This sought-after book, Easy Weaving with Supplemental Warps by Deb Essen, which has been out of print for a long time, has been brought back by popular demand. The redesigned and extended edition contains nearly twice as many projects as the original book, including five whole new designs and a new weaving framework. 

Handweavers will learn Deb Essen's simple warping method, how to turn drafts for one-shuttle weaving, and Deb's suggestions and strategies for successfully warping a supplementary draft. Once you've mastered the warping, weave any of the projects using the weave structures taught to you by Deb. Each project delves into a distinct auxiliary warp structure, such as flipped overshot and monk's belt, as well as Bedford cord and velvet. And your loom doesn't need a second back beam!