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Schacht Wolf Traps

Keep Your Weaving Tools Handy

The Schacht Wolf Traps are storage options designed to fit onto the front of your Schacht Wolf weaving loom and hold all your tools and accessories close. These are wide enough to hold bobbins, shuttles, threading hooks, and scissors, but you can be assured having a Wolf Trap on your loom will not interfere with your weaving.

The Wolf Traps are available in different types that are compatible with the Schacht Wolf Pup, Baby Wolf, and Mighty Wolf looms.

Choose the variant that fits your current loom or the loom you are going to buy.

What You Need to Know

Please note that the shape of the beams the Wolf Trap attaches to have been modified at various times in the product’s history. In the past, Schacht produced looms with rounded beams, but now the beams are squared.

The Wolf Trap now comes with universal brackets for both old and new style beams.