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Thread Magic Thread Conditioner | Taylor Seville

The Secret to Long-Lasting Fabrics

The Thread Magic thread conditioner from Taylor Seville was designed for one main purpose—to condition thread.

This tiny product makes threads more manageable and extends the lifetime of finished work for many years—much longer than untreated or wax treated threads. Thread Magic is a unique product that has been proven and tested throughout the years.

Thread Magic helps reduce thread drag friction while sewing.

Did you know that more damage actually occurs during the process of making a piece, whether by hand sewing or machine sewing, than during the rest of its lifetime? 

This is caused by the continual pulling of the thread in and out of the work. While waxes produce a sticky coating that requires more force to pull the thread, which then causes greater stress on the fibres, Thread Magic doesn't have the disadvantages of wax-treated products.

Instead, it produces a smooth, slippery coating that helps reduce the stress compounded by multiple thread passes and because the threads repel each other, they never actually touch, even when multiple passes are required.

Thread Magic protects against UV rays, mould, and mildew.

Thread Magic has the ability to deflect UV rays. This protects thread dyes from sunlight, helping colours remain vibrant for far longer than waxed or untreated threads. Additionally, the Thread Magic coating creates a moisture barrier to prevent the growth of mould and mildew.

Thread Magic reduces hand and wrist fatigue.

As Thread Magic helps the thread move through the material with reduced drag, the needle can be held with a much looser grip for greater comfort and less cramping. This means less wrist fatigue as well.

Thread Magic will not freeze, melt, or stain the fabric.

Thread Magic is a unique, completely safe synthetic chemical compound. It is not a petroleum product and will not freeze or melt as waxes do. As Thread Magic simply evaporates at temperatures above 600 degrees, it can be left in the sun and needlework made with the conditioned thread can be ironed and dried in a drier without fear of the coating melting or staining the fabric.

Thread Magic is acid-free and non-toxic.

Thread Magic is not acidic or toxic. Its PH is 7. Additionally, it is an inert compound and its quality will not be affected by detergent, fabric softener, or bleach.