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Ashford Spinning Wheel Accessories and Parts

Essential Ashford Spinning Wheel Parts

Ashford is known for their quality and versatility. Come and view Ashford's range of spinning wheels and spinning wheel parts and accessories. If you need extra bobbins, an art yarn flyer or a maintenance kit to keep your wheel spinning, Ashford has you covered.

Ashford prides itself on quality, parts for your spinning wheels are available for sale through Thread Collective. We stock the most comprehensive range of Ashford spinning wheel parts in Australia. If you can't find what you are looking for, send us a message and we will assist you in finding the right part.

History of spinning

Did you know that spinning wool and spinning other fibres such as flax and cotton is ancient textile art. Spinning yarn began with plant, and animal fibres being drawn out and twisted together to form yarn. For thousands of years, fibre was spun by hand using simple tools, the spindle and distaff. Spinning wool and other luxury fibres are becoming increasingly popular again.

Spinning Wheel Carry Bags

Take your spinning wheel anywhere with the Ashford spinning wheel carry bags. We currently offer sturdy, padded carry bags for the Ashford Joy 1 and Joy 2 wheels, as well as for the Kiwi 3 wheel. These bags are spacious and come with shoulder straps and pockets.

Double Treadle Kits

Upgrade your single treadle spinning wheels to double treadle with the Ashford double treadle kits, available for the Ashford Traditional and Ashford Traveller spinning wheels. When using both feet while spinning, it encourages the spinner to sit directly in front of the wheel, paving the way for observing proper posture and balance.

Flyer Kits

Included in our range of Ashford spinning wheel replacement parts are the Ashford spinning wheel flyers and flyer kits.

  • Ashford Standard Flyer - compatible with the single drive Traditional and Traveller spinning wheels. The standard flyer upgrades your Ashford wheel by making it more efficient for spinning fine yarn.
  • Ashford Basic Jumbo Flyer - compatible with the single drive Traditional and Traveller spinning wheels. The basic jumbo flyer features a large bobbin and orifice that allows the user to spin chunky yarns. It’s the ideal choice for production-level spinning and plying.
  • Ashford Kiwi Super Flyer Kit - compatible with the Ashford Kiwi spinning wheel models. This kit includes everything you need, from super-sized bobbins, a lazy kate, and a new drive belt.
  • Ashford Joy Sliding Hook Flyer Kit - compatible with the Ashford Joy spinning wheel models. It comes with a jumbo bobbin, a nylon brake band, tension springs, and a replacement top shaft.

Lazy Kate

Ashford offers two types of Lazy Kates to make the spinning process more efficient. These are the Tensioned Lazy Kate, which features an adjustable brake tension, quick and easy bobbin change, a stainless steel yarn guide, and a carry handle; and the Upright Lazy Kate, which is the vertical and non-tensioned version. Both of these tools will make plying a breeze.

Maintenance for Ashford Spinning Wheels

Ashford spinning wheel maintenance is important to make sure your wheel can stand the test of time. The maintenance kit by Ashford includes everything you need to keep you spinning. Remember, a well-maintained spinning wheel can last a lifetime!

Why Buy Spinning Wheel Parts & Accessories from Thread Collective?

Thread Collective is a family-run business that is passionate about spinning and providing the best spinning supplies to local fibre artists. When you buy Ashford spinning wheel parts and accessories from this shop, you're not only supporting a local business, you are also helping nurture the industry and craft you love. Browse our collections of Ashford spinning wheel parts for sale and find what you need.

If you don't see the spinning wheel parts you are looking for, contact us and we can add it for you.

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