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Ashford Table Looms

Ashford Raddle Kit from $54.00

Table Looms Designed for Beginners and Experienced Weavers

An Ashford Table Loom is a wonderful choice whether you are a novice eager to explore this creative outlet or an experienced weaver looking for a versatile and durable loom. Ashford table weaving looms combine creativity, functionality, and ease of use to provide a variety of features geared to the demands of both novice and experienced weavers.

Get to Know Ashford Table Looms

The Ashford table looms are versatile and easy to use. This loom would suit experienced weavers and beginners who are looking for a weaving loom that will adapt as they expand their draft possibilities.

These come in 4-shaft, 8-shaft, and 16-shaftoptions and have various weaving widths. Weaving on a table loom allows you to manipulate the warp threads in different patterns through the heddles for each shaft. It's so much fun because you can have more freedom with patterns.

Available accessories for the Ashford table looms include table loom stands, a weaving bench, a second back beam, boat shuttles, double-ended threading and reed hooks, raddle kit, stainless steel reeds, cross sticks, treadle kit, warping frame, wooden warp sticks, and the Ashford Book of Weaving Patterns.

Why Choose Ashford Table Looms?

The adaptability of Ashford table looms is one of their main features. These looms are available in a variety of sizes, from modest table looms to bigger models, allowing weavers to choose the best match for their space and projects.

Ashford table looms have variations to fit your needs, whether you have a dedicated weaving studio or a small space in your house. Because these looms are portable, you can take your weaving projects with you wherever you go, making them ideal for workshops or weaving retreats.

Ashford is well-known for providing high-quality weaving equipment, including their table looms. These looms are made of durable materials and are designed to last even with heavy use. Another important issue in weaving is stability, and Ashford Table Looms excel in this area. 

Finally, your weaving experience with Ashford table looms can be elevated with the use of their weaving accessories. As your weaving skills improve, you may wish to try out new techniques or weave larger items. A variety of accessories such as reeds, shuttles, and extra heddles are available, allowing you to personalize your loom arrangement.

Buy Ashford Table Looms in Australia

Ashford Table Looms are excellent weaving companions for both beginners and professional weavers. These looms provide an amazing weaving experience thanks to their versatility, ease of use, durability, expandability possibilities, and supportive community.

Whether you're just getting started with weaving or looking to update your current loom, Ashford Table Looms are a dependable and rewarding investment. Explore the world of weaving with Ashford Table Looms and let your imagination run wild!