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Double Boat Weaving Shuttles

Experiment on Colours with Double-Bobbin Shuttles

The Double Boat Weaving Shuttle derives its name from its characteristic twin boat-shaped structure. This design effectively houses two separate weft bobbins, which can be loaded with different colours, textures, or thicknesses of yarn. This capability enables weavers to introduce intricate patterns and colour variations into their fabric designs without the hassle of constantly changing bobbins.

Benefits of Double Boat Weaving Shuttles

This versatile tool has evolved from its humble origins to become an essential companion for both traditional and modern weavers alike. Here are the benefits of using double boat shuttles in weaving:

  1. Time Efficiency: With two weft bobbins loaded, the weaver can swiftly switch between colours or yarn thicknesses without interrupting the weaving process. This advantage enables weavers to create complex patterns and colour gradients with ease.

  2. Versatility: Double Boat Weaving Shuttles accommodate various yarn weights and textures, making them suitable for a wide range of weaving projects, from delicate scarves to heavy blankets.

  3. Reduced Waste: As weavers can maximize the use of both weft bobbins before needing to reload, the double boat design significantly reduces yarn waste during the weaving process.

  4. Enhanced Creativity: The ability to work with multiple colours or textures in a single pass inspires creativity and enables weavers to experiment with different design ideas.

  5. Ergonomics: The shuttle's elongated shape offers a comfortable grip and reduces strain on the weaver's hand during prolonged weaving sessions.

Weaving with Double Boat Shuttles

In your weaving journey, you will encounter projects that would require using two strands of weft together. Our range of double-bobbin boat shuttles will help solve this problem by giving you to freedom to control each weft separately. This will improve your selvedges and make it easy to experiment with colours as well.

Thread Collective offers double-bobbin boat shuttles from Leclerc and Schacht, with regular and slim style options.