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Schacht Fibre Preparation

Schacht Fibre Preparation

Schacht has built a lifetime of service into their hand carders. Schacht's paddles are specially shaped to protect the card cloth from wear, and they attach to the handles with tenons for superior strength. 

Schacht's wool carders are available in two gauges of carding cloth: 72 teeth per square inch (an all-purpose carding cloth) and 112 teeth per square inch (great for fine wool and downy fibres). 

The mini carders are a pint-sized version of Schacht's curved wool cards. Their lightweight and smaller size make them quite popular. 

Schacht's cotton carders are wider in length than our wool carders and slightly narrower in height. With 208 teeth per square inch, they’re excellent for cotton and other short, fine fibres. 

The Schacht flick carder is used to separate and tease fibres in preparation for spinning, has 72 teeth per inch on its cloth. It’s a single carder; work the fibre against a stiff piece of leather or heavy canvas.

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