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Schacht Table Loom

The Perfect Loom for Learning How to Weave

The Schacht Table Looms come with four and eight shafts. These have been expertly crafted from the finest hard maple and designed to have maximum stability and durability. These looms can withstand years of heavy use, which is why they are perfect for classroom use, workshops, and sampling.

Why Choose the Schacht Table Loom?

Table looms are great weaving looms for weaving newcomers and experts alike. It's a great tool for learning how to weave as it is simple enough for the inexperienced, but also quite versatile for experienced weavers to explore many weaving possibilities.

Here are the reasons why you should choose the Schacht Table Loom:

  1. Quality: The Schacht Spindle Company is known for making high-quality weaving equipment, and the Table Loom is no exception. When you purchase this loom, you are purchasing a piece of equipment that will serve you well for many years

  2. Community: Purchasing a Schacht Table Loom entails becoming a part of a flourishing community of weavers who share your interest. As you begin your weaving journey, connect with other weavers, exchange insights, and discover inspiration.

  3. Creativity Unleashed: The Schacht Table Loom's portability, variety, and convenience allow you to experiment with new weaving techniques and push the boundaries of your creativity. This loom brings up a world of creative possibilities, from scarves and shawls to elaborate wall hangings.

Weave Your Way with the Schacht Table Loom

Weave comfortably on your table loom while sitting on an adjustable weaving bench. If you don't have enough table space, don't worry, you can attach your table loom to a loom stand!

Other optional accessories and spare parts for the Schacht Table Loom include the ratchet dog, ratchet gear, lever cords, and apron cords.