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Ashford Skeiner 2 - Wind Yarn Skeins with Ease

Ashford Skein Winder

The Ashford skeiner is designed to wind skeins with ease. The skeiner is tensioned and adjustable to sizes between 100cm and 200cm. 

The skeiner can be used on all yarns types with its built-in tensioner is designed to suit fine to bulky yarn. It's made from solid Silver Beech hardwood and can hold up to 1.5kg of yarn.

The adjustable lock-in pegs of the Ashford Skeiner 2 allow you to make a variety of skin sizes ranging from 1 - 2 m in length. The skein winder is smooth to use due to the high-quality nylon bearings. Made with a lacquered the Ashford Skeiner 2 is a great addition to your craft studio.