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Deep Color: The Shades That Shape Our Souls | Keith Recker

Understand Colours Like Never Before

Colour has a strong influence on our life. It has a significant impact on visual and verbal communication, as well as the choices we make every day. The book "Deep Color: The Shades That Shape Our Souls" by Keith Recker deconstructs all of the rainbow's colours (plus black, white, and pink) using little-known facts, magnificent imagery, and a critical viewpoint on colour and the nonverbal signals it holds.

This wonderful book is a collection of essays that explore the fascinating aspects of colour, such as royal yellow in China or lapis lazuli in Egypt. Each colour is depicted not only in words but also in historical and current visuals that demonstrate how ancient notions are still very much alive today—as well as how colour may take on new meanings.

Deep Color, destined to become a classic, investigates how colour influences our imagination, subconscious, and everyday choices. It assists readers in unpacking the colour-laden impulses that bombard them every minute of every day.