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Schacht Table Loom (Discontinued)

Table Looms for Learning How to Weave

The Schacht Table Loom has been expertly crafted from the finest hard maple and designed for maximum structural stability. These looms can withstand years of heavy use, which is why they are great for classroom use, workshops, and sampling.

If you are keen on learning how to weave 4-shaft or 8-shaft patterns, this loom could be perfect for you because it features direct tie-up through hand levers, which allows you to experiment and let your creativity shine through!

The Schacht Table Loom has fine-toothed nylon gears on both the warp and cloth beams, allowing precise tension control. You can use either hand to select shafts with the front-mounted levers, plus you can also see which shafts are raised at a glance.

Schacht Table Loom Features

The Schacht Table Loom is available in 38cm (15″) weaving width with four or eight shafts. It comes with inserted eye heddles, three apron bars, and two lease sticks, as well as a stainless steel reed in your choice of 6, 8, 10, 12, or 15 dents.

Weaving Width 38cm (15″)
Loom Width 51cm (20″)
Height Castle 51cm (20″)
Depth, 4-Shaft 58.4cm (23″)
Depth, 8-Shaft 66cm (26″)
Weight, 4-Shaft 8.2kg (18lb)
Weight, 8-Shaft 10.9kg (24lb)
Weight, Shipping +2.7kg (+6lb)
Heddles, 4-Shaft 300
Heddles, 8-Shaft 300

Optional Accessories for the Schacht Table Loom

  • Table Loom Stand 
  • Ratchet Dog
  • Ratchet Gear
  • Lever Cords 
  • Apron Cords
  • Weaving Bench

Order Information

The Schacht table looms are ordered on request. To order a 30% deposit is required with the balance when the loom is ready to ship.