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E-Spinners: What Are They and When Would I Use Them?

Spinning unique yarn is made easy with an electric spinning wheel - Thread Collective Australia
Spinning unique yarn is made easy with an electric spinning wheel

What is An E-Spinner (Electric Spinning Wheel)?

An electric spinning wheel is a device that spins yarn or thread from a fibre of your choice, commonly wool, cotton, or silk. Electric spinning wheels or e-Spinners offer speed, efficiency, and portability, giving users more advantages than traditional spinning wheels. Using an electric spinner is also helpful for craft artists with physical needs that make it difficult for them to use the treadles on traditional spinning wheels.

Electric spinning wheels do not feature treadles, which means you would no longer need your foot to get started spinning. An e-Spinner also does not feature a wheel, just a flyer. One important thing you need to know, though, is that e-Spinners are not completely automatic. You, as the spinner, would still need to determine the size of the yarn and would have to stop the flyer to change hooks every now and then in order to evenly fill the bobbin.

The Difference Between the e-Spinner and Jumbo e-Spinner

Ashford Jumbo e-Spinner and e-Spinner 3 - Thread Collective Australia
The Ashford Jumbo e-Spinner and e-Spinner 3

Ashford offers spinners two options for electric spinning wheels. Currently, these are the Ashford e-Spinner 3 and the Ashford Jumbo e-Spinner. So, what makes them different from each other?

The Ashford e-Spinner 3 is compact, lightweight, portable, and highly versatile. It comes with a sliding hook flyer that gives way to convenient spinning and plying. If you are travelling with your e-Spinner, you can use the 12-volt car cord that enables you to use your electric spinner while you are in your car, caravan, or boat with a battery pack.

Video by Ashford Wheels and Looms on YouTube

And there is the Ashford Jumbo e-Spinner. While the e-Spinner 3 is small, this one is large but still portable. Ashford has combined the best features of the Country Spinner 2 and the e-Spinner 3 in creating the Jumbo e-Spinner. This motorised spinning wheel has the large flyer and bobbin of the Country Spinner 2 spinning wheel and the power of the e-Spinner 3. With the Jumbo e-Spinner, you can spin fine yarns to bulky yarns.

Video by Ashford Wheels and Looms on YouTube

Why Should I Buy an Electric Spinning Wheel?

If you are looking for an easier way to spin your fibres into your own unique yarns, an e-Spinner is the best way to go. Here are some of the reasons why you should buy an electric spinning wheel.

No More Treadling with e-Spinners

As mentioned earlier, an electric spinning wheel gives its users more advantages compared to traditional spinning wheels, especially with the fact that treadling is no longer necessary. Drop spindle spinning might be fun and easy, especially when you are new to spinning, because it allows you to focus more on drafting when you don’t have to do any treadling. Spinning can be so much easier with the use of an e-spinner as things like spindle momentum and switching directions while spinning are not an issue with electric spinners.

Electric Spinners Give Way to Consistent Draw-In

Spinners learn several drafting techniques in their spinning journey. According to master spinner and author Jeannine Bakriges, there's the short forward draw, short backward draw, American (supported) long draw, American sliding (supported) long draw, American long draw (unsupported), American forward long draw, and the English long draw or double drafting. These techniques refer to how quickly the yarn is pulled into the wheel. Spinners often mix and match these techniques. With the use of an electric spinner, you can create better consistency in drawing the yarn into the device.

Electric Spinning Wheels are Great for Plying

Plying produces a stronger, more consistent, and more stable yarn. A plied yarn is composed of two or more "singles" (yarn with a single twist) spun together in the opposite twist direction from which they were originally spun. With the use of an electric spinning wheel, plying can be done faster and easier.

E-Spinners are Compact and Portable

The compact sizing of electric spinners makes them significantly more portable than traditional spinning wheels. You most likely cannot spin on a traditional spinning wheel whilst on the passenger seat of a car, but you can with an e-Spinner. Electric spinners can also be placed on a table as you work for your comfort and convenience and you can easily transfer it to any spot you want in your home or studio.

Spinning on an e-Spinner Allows You to Multitask

With a traditional spinning wheel, you can still multitask a little bit, such as watching the television or talking with your peers while spinning. However, with an e-Spinner, you can do so much more. Since the e-Spinner frees up your feet from treadling, you can even do your spinning on a stationary bike. You can get your spinning and exercise done at the same time. That's hitting two birds with one stone!

Travelling with an Electric Spinning Wheel

E-Spinners are designed with portability in mind. Here are the electric spinning wheel accessories that will allow you to take your spinning with you wherever, whenever.

Car Plug

Ashford e-Spinner 12V Cigarette Cord - Thread Collective Australia
Ashford e-Spinner 12V Cigarette Cord

As mentioned earlier, you can use your electric spinner while travelling with the help of the 12-volt power pack that comes with your purchase of an e-Spinner. Whether you are travelling by car, caravan, or boat, you can take your spinning anywhere with you.

Carry Bag

Padded carry bag for the Ashford e-Spinner 3 - Thread Collective Australia
Padded carry bag for the Ashford e-Spinner 3

When you purchase an Ashford e-Spinner, it will already come with a padded carry bag with shoulder straps that allows you to secure your device when you're on the go.

Buy Electric Spinning Wheel Online from Thread Collective

We have made it easier for Australian crafters to purchase the well-loved Ashford e-Spinners online. Choose between the compact Ashford e-Spinner 3 or the Ashford Jumbo e-Spinner and experience the seamless experience, convenience, and comfort offered by electric spinning wheels.

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March 02, 2023

I bought an original Ashford e-spinner when I was having trouble with my knee and since I wasn’t peddling away spinning the pain in my knee eventually eased. Which was fantastic.

I’ve continued to spin on my e-spinner, I find it more relaxing than on a wheel.

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