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Colour Theory Books

Understanding Colour

When it comes to fibre crafts like weaving, stitching, quilting, macramé, knitting, or crochet, colour plays a vital role in creating visually captivating and harmonious pieces. Understanding how to effectively use and control colour can elevate your craft projects from ordinary to extraordinary.

Colours have symbolic meanings and evoke emotions, which can be powerful tools in fibre crafts. Understanding colour symbolism and considering the context of your project can add depth and convey your intended message.

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Learn how to understand and control colour in your craft with our collection of Colour Theory BooksWhether you are into weaving, stitching, quilting, making macrame, knitting, or crochet, fibre artists like you will benefit from these books offering guides on various techniques for understanding colour.

Through these books, you'll also get to know what plant dyes are available, giving you the opportunity to turn the gifts of nature into your own vibrant colour library.

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