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      Fringe and Rope Twisters

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      Fringe and Rope Twisters

      Fringe twisters are used to finish the ends of your hand weaving or knitting projects. Fringe twisters can come in a number of different styles and with different numbers of clips.

      A twisted fringe protects your fringe from becoming straggly over time, it also provides a professional finish to your handwoven project.

      How to use a Fringe Twister

      Group your warp threads into two or three sections, clip the end of each bundle into the fringe clips. Turn the handle or crank until the yarn twist back on itself. Tie a knot in the end and let the yarns twist together.

      What is the difference between the styles?

      The finish will depend on whether you're using a double or a triple clip. The twisters with four clips allow you to twist to fringe groups at once.