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Gift Ideas from Thread Collective

Share your love for fibre and crafts!

Looking for the perfect gift for the aspiring fibre artists and textile artists in your life? Thread Collective offers weaving kits, spinning kits, dyeing kits, and felting kits from Ashford.

Learn to Weave

Weaving is now becoming more and more popular, which is why Ashford has designed a beginner's kit that will also make gift-giving so much easier for friends and family this holiday season. Create your own gifts or give the gift of weaving. The Ashford Complete Weaving Kit is ideal for those who have an interest in trying out the art of weaving.

Spin Your Own Yarn

Designed for complete beginners, the Introduction to Spinning Kit by Ashfordis a great gift for aspiring fibre artists in your life. With this, beginners will learn how easy it is to spin their own yarn using only a few tools. This kit is the perfect introduction to fibrecrafts!

Experiment with Dyes and Colours

Learn how to dye beautifully with the Ashford Introduction to Dyeing Kit. It is the perfect kit to begin your dyeing journey. The kit includes instructions, colour theory, and colour recipes, as well as a colour wheel.

Make Art with Fibre by Neddle Felting

The Ashford needle feltings kits include full step-by-step instructions, a felting needle, fibre, and the needle felting foam. With these kits, you can make your own super cute needle felted animals, flowers, and more.

Buy Beginner-Friendly Craft Kits at Thread Collective

These kits are perfect for beginners, even for those with no experience at all in the fibre arts. Everything you need to get started is already included. Give the gift of creativity and endless possibilities with these Ashford craft kits!