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Gift Vouchers for Thread Collective

Gift your way!

Gift vouchers offer a versatile and thoughtful way to express your appreciation, celebrate special occasions, and make your loved ones feel valued.

One of the most compelling reasons to opt for gift vouchers is the flexibility they offer. Unlike traditional gifts that may not suit the recipient's taste or needs, gift vouchers empower the recipient to choose what they truly want or need. Selecting the perfect gift can often be a guessing game, but gift vouchers eliminate this uncertainty. Rather than stressing over whether the recipient will appreciate your choice, you can give them the power to decide.

Thread Collective offers two types of gift vouchers to help spoil someone you love when you are not sure what to get them. Choose between an e-card that will be emailed immediately or select a physical card that will be sent directly to them. 

Let your recipient browse our store and use their voucher on any of our yarns, looms or spinning wheels.