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ITO Mohair Yarns

Mohair for Knitting, Embroidery, and More

These ITO Mohair yarns can be used for knitting alone to create lightweight, airy fabrics or combined with other yarns for additional softness, colour, and lustre.

What is Mohair Yarn?

Mohair fibres are sourced from the long, silky hair of the Angora goat. It is known for its durability and sheen, making it a great material for knitting, embroidery, and other craft projects.

Knitting with mohair yarn is a tactile delight. The gentle glide of the yarn through your fingers, the subtle fuzziness that emerges with every stitch, and the remarkable drape of the finished piece all contribute to a truly satisfying knitting experience. 

Why Choose Mohair Yarns by ITO?

When it comes to high-quality yarns that exude elegance and luxury, the brand ITO is at the forefront. Among its exceptional range of yarns, the collection of ITO Mohair yarns stands out as a testament to the brand's commitment to excellence.

ITO mohair yarns are crafted from the soft, lustrous fibres of the Angora goat, resulting in an ethereal yarn that captivates the senses. Renowned for its exquisite softness and lightness, mohair has long been cherished in the textile industry. ITO's commitment to sourcing only the finest fibres ensures that their Mohair Yarns possess exceptional quality and a luxurious feel, elevating any project to new heights of sophistication.

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