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Knitting Needles

A collection of knitting needles sourced from around the world

Choose from a wide range of options for knitting needles, including straights, interchangeable knitting needle sets, circulars, JUMBOs, and lots of accessories.

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What are the different types of knitting needles available in Australia?

Knitters can choose from a number of knitting needles in Australia. Often, materials like metal, plastic, wood, and bamboo are used to make these needles.

Knitting needles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but straight, circular, interchangeable, flexible, and double-pointed needles. Straight needles are classic knitting needles with two points and a long body. They’re ideal for knitting flat pieces and larger-sized projects like throws. Circular needles are a combination of two straight needles linked by a flexible cable. They’re especially useful for knitting in the round, such as for hats, and for bigger projects like blankets.

Interchangeable needles feature two needle tips that connect to a variety of cable lengths. These are great for users who knit with different yarn weights and projects, offering maximum flexibility. Flexible needles are similar to interchangeable needles but they are more flexible and lightweight. 

Finally, double-pointed needles are short, pointy needles that come in sets of four or five. They are best for working with smaller projects like socks.

What type of yarn should I use with my knitting needles?

When selecting the ideal yarn for your knitting needles, you would want to consider the material of the needle and the type of project you are working on. 

For instance, metal needles are great for fibrous yarns and provide a smooth, fast motion, while wooden or bamboo needles offer more grip for hairy yarns. On the other hand, plastic knitting needles are perfect for colour and a good choice for those with hand mobility issues.

For scarves, blankets, and washcloths, straight needles are ideal to use, whereas double-pointed needles are best suited for knitting tubes and circular needles can create seamless sweaters and shawls. 

Lastly, when selecting the yarn you would like to work with, you should consider your desired outcome and the type of craft needles you have chosen. 

Buy Knitting Needles for Sale in Australia

If you are looking for the best knitting needles in Australia, you can't go wrong with brands like KnitPro, Lykke, and ITO. These brands offer a good range of needles that come in different sizes, materials, and lengths - perfect for any project.

KnitPro needles are made with a high attention to detail and superior quality, making them an ideal choice for beginners and experienced knitters alike. Lykke offers knitting needle sets to help beginners and experiences knitters alike easily get started with a project. ITO offers high-quality bamboo needles made from Japan.

Feel free to browse our collection of knitting needles and find your perfect match.

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