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Leclerc Looms

An Array of Looms for Every Weaver

Leclerc Looms quickly gained acclaim for its impeccable craftsmanship and innovative designs. The brand's dedication to using the finest materials and precision engineering ensured that each loom produced would stand the test of time, maintaining its quality and reliability over generations.

Weaving with Leclerc Looms

Leclerc Looms offers an impressive range of looms, catering to weavers of all skill levels and ambitions. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional textile artist, there is a Leclerc Loom that perfectly suits your needs.

  1. Artisat Looms: Ideal for beginners and weaving enthusiasts, these compact yet robust looms are easy to use and offer a wide range of weaving options.

  2. Fanny Looms: Designed for weavers with limited space, the Fanny Looms are foldable and portable, making them a perfect choice for weavers on the go.

  3. Nilus Looms: Aspiring professionals and experienced weavers will appreciate the versatility and high-performance capabilities of the Nilus looms, which can handle complex designs and large projects.

  4. Colonial Looms: For weavers seeking a more traditional approach, the Colonial Looms offer a charming blend of classic design and modern features.

A Toolbox of Creativity:

Leclerc Weaving Accessories form a comprehensive toolbox that empowers weavers to bring their imaginative designs to life. Let's explore some of the essential accessories that can take your weaving projects to the next level:

  1. Shuttles: Leclerc's shuttles are precision-crafted to ensure smooth and efficient weaving. Available in various sizes and materials, including wood and plastic, these shuttles cater to different types of yarn and weaving techniques. Their ergonomic design minimizes hand fatigue, allowing you to focus on your weaving without distractions.

  2. Reeds: The reed is a crucial component of the loom, and Leclerc offers an array of reeds to match your weaving requirements. From dents per inch (DPI) variations to different widths, you can find the perfect reed to achieve your desired fabric density and texture.

  3. Heddles: Leclerc's heddles are made with precision and care, ensuring smooth operation and precise shedding during weaving. They come in metal and Texsolv options, providing durability and flexibility, respectively.

  4. Warping Tools: Efficient warping is essential for a smooth weaving process, and Leclerc's selection of warping tools, including warping boards and mills, makes the task more manageable and time-efficient.

  5. Bobbin Winders: Leclerc offers reliable and user-friendly bobbin winders to help you wind bobbins effortlessly, saving time and ensuring even tension for your weft yarn.

A Tapestry Woven with Excellence

In the ever-evolving world of weaving, Leclerc Looms remains a beacon of excellence and innovation. Crafted with a perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern engineering, Leclerc Looms are more than just tools; they are instruments of creativity, connecting weavers across the globe in a shared passion for textiles.