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Louet Carding & Fibre Preparation

Fibre Preparation Tools from Louet

Fibre preparation is an important stage for any fibre artist or enthusiast, and having the correct equipment may make a big difference in the end product's quality. Louet, a well-known company in the fibre arts industry, provides a wide range of superb carding tools to meet the demands of both novice and experienced spinners.

Louet Hand Cards: Precision in Your Palms

Hand carding is an age-old technique that has been revitalized by Louet's innovative designs. Louet hand cards are a vital tool for blending different fibre types and colours, ensuring even distribution and gentle blending. With ergonomic handles and a choice of fine, medium, or coarse carding cloth, these hand cards allow artisans to create a customized blend that suits their unique creative vision.

Louet Drum Carders: Efficiency Meets Excellence

For those working on larger projects or seeking more efficiency, Louet drum carders are a game-changer. These machines provide a seamless way to process larger quantities of fibres with consistent results. Whether you're aiming for fluffy batts or perfectly blended rovings, Louet drum carders offer adjustable settings to cater to your specific needs. The precise engineering of these machines ensures that fibres are thoroughly carded, making them ideal for spinners who demand excellence in their work.

Louet Blending Board: Where Artistry Takes Shape

Louet's blending board is a tool cherished by spinners and fibre artists who delight in creating unique colour blends and gradients. The blending board's compact design makes it a versatile choice for workshops, travel, or working in small spaces. Its carding cloth is highly efficient at producing intricate colour patterns and blends. With the Louet blending board, artisans can turn their creative visions into reality by effortlessly layering and blending different fibres.

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Thread Collective offers a collection of carding and fibre preparation tools and equipment to help you prepare fibre for spinning. From hand cards and drum carders to blending boards, we have a broad range of tools and equipment to get you started.

Browse our range of Louet Carding & Fibre Preparation tools that will help you get your beautiful fibres ready for spinning. Choose from handcards in different sizes, flickers, blending boards, combs, drum carders, and many more.

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