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Ramie Yarn (Nettle Yarn): Weaving and Basketry

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Ramie: Strong & Natural

Ramie (also referred to as China grass, grass linen, and grasscloth) is a bast fibre crop. It's one of the oldest vegetable fibres, having been used for thousands of years for all sorts of fabrics. 

Why Use Ramie Yarn for Weaving?

Ramie is an incredibly strong and durable natural fibre that is produced from the stem of the nettle plant. It is a unique fibre that is fine and lustrous but also a bit stiff and coarse. Due to the ramie fibres having uneven texture, ramie fabric often looks quite similar to linen. It is an eco-friendly fabric and the highly sustainable ramie fibre is a good alternative to synthetic fabrics.

When ramie fibres are spun wet, they produce a soft and silky yarn. On the other hand, when they are spun dry, they make a hairy, stiffer yarn. It is great for weaving and is often used in making clothes. When used in weaving, ramie yarn is incredibly strong and can be used for everything from light clothing to heavy-duty rugs.