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Table Loom - Jane 8 Shaft 40cm, 50cm & 70cm | Louet Weaving Loom

A Table Loom with Exceptional Quality and Functionality

The Louet Jane is a table loom designed by weavers and offers exceptional features and performance. The Louet Jane has simple, but innovative features, which include a built-in carry handle, a locking mechanism to keep the beater out your way while you are throwing your shuttle, and smooth toggles for easy shaft changes. 

The Louet Jane table loom is available in a 40 cm, 50 cm and 70 cm weaving width option, with eight shafts as standard. The Jane table loom can be folded down compactly while fully warped, making it a great choice for travel, storage, or taking to a guild meeting or weaving class. The is designed to be used on a tabletop as a standalone loom or mounted on a floor stand (available separately). When mounted on the adjustable height floor stand, an additional warp beam can be added, making the Jane flexible for multiweight warps and double weave projects.

The Louet Jane has been designed after consultation with weavers from around the world. The Janes features build on the successful features of its predecessor, the Louet Kombo. There is no cord wear since cords run over rollers and the overhead beater stays out of the way when throwing the shuttle.

The Louet Jane is made of lacquered beech and has a built-in raddle. The Jane loom comes partly assembled and comes with a stainless steel reed 40-10 (metric), 200 or 400 Texsolv heddles (205 mm), tie-up and lease sticks and sixteen warp sticks.

If you intend to travel with your loom or want to keep it secure when not in use, the 40cm width option had a carry bag available. The folded loom is compactly in the main padded compartment and features a front accessories pocket. 

A weaving bench, extra bundles of Texsolv heddles and additional stainless steel weaving reeds are also available separately. 

If you want an exceptional table loom, you really can't go past the quality and functionality of the Louet Jane.  


  • Material

          Lacquered solid beech

  • Dimensions 

           Jane 40: 57 x 75 x 65 cm (22 3/8” x 29 1/2” x 25 5/8”)
           Jane 50: 67 x 75 x 65 cm (26 3/8" x 29 1/2" x 25 5/8")
           Jane 70: 87 x 75 x 65 cm (34 1/4” x 29 1/2” x 25 5/8”)
           Folded 14 cm (5 1/2”) high

  • Weight
           Jane 40: 8 kg (17.6 lb)
           Jane 50: 10.5 kg (23 lb) 
           Jane 70 - 12 kg (26.5 lb)

Included Accessories

Louet Jane Optional Accessories

Louet Jane 40cm Travel Bag

40cm Travel Bag


Louet Weaving Bench for Jane

Weaving Bench - height 57 cm (22 3/8”)


Louet Jane Floor Stand

         Floor Stand


Second Warp Beam with the back beam
Second Warp Beam with the back beam (only possible with floor stand)
Texsolv heddles for Louet Jane - Louet Australia
Louet Jane stainless steel weaving reeds

Louet Jane Optional Parts

Assembly Instructions for the Louet Jane 8 Harness Weaving Loom