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      Tencel®/Lyocell Yarn & Fibre

      Tencel®/Lyocell Yarn & Fibre
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      Tencel Spinning Fibre
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      Tencel is a brand name for products made from lyocell fibres manufactured by the house of Lenzing. Lyocell and Tencel yarn are made from fibres extracted from wood pulp, commonly Eucalyptus and other certified plantation timbers and wet-spun into yarn.

      The regenerated sustainably sourced fibres and the non-toxic solvents used in the manufacturing process which have a 99% recovery rate for reuse makes Tencel / lyocell fibres an extremely eco-friendly option, due to the closed-loop system. Textiles of TENCEL® fibres are more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen