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Artisan Felting: Wearable Art | Jenny Hill

Learn About Nuno-Felting and More

This artistic, informative, and inspirational guide to Artisan Felting: Wearable Art by Jenny Hill. It teaches the readers the ways of Nuno-felting patterns and textures into elegant fabrics, such as chiffon, georgette, and silk.

Jenny Hill is a fashion designer whose flamboyant, high-end garments are well-loved by many in the world of artisan fashion. In this book, she teaches the readers her environmentally friendly processes.

Learn the techniques and skills with 7 tutorial-approach projects: marbled scarf with fringe, 3-D textured poncho, felt fur vest, hand-dyed airy tunic, embroidered bolero jacket, tailored blazer, jacket option, and luxurious gown. Each project comes with instructions, exquisite close-up photography of the steps, and fashion photography of the finished piece.