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The Ashford Book of Needle Felting

Get Creative with Needle Felting

The Ashford Book of Needle Felting by Barbara Allen lets you explore the unlimited potential of needle felting.

Unravel the secrets of needle felting and unleash your creativity as you create your own felted figures, accessories, and embellishments. With some wool and a felting needle, this book will guide you through the process of creating beautiful felted artworks. If you haven't tried need felting before, this book will surely make you want to get started!

The author carefully explains and illustrates all the felting techniques, materials, and equipment needed. Whether you are a beginner or a skilled felter, you'll love that this book features a lot of different projects you can work on, complete with step-by-step instructions and full-colour images of each process.


  1. Introduction
  2. Materials and Equipment
  3. Techniques and Tips
  4. Project 1 – Butterfly Brooch
  5. Project 2 – Child’s Jersey
  6. Project 3 – Teddybear
  7. Project 4 – Vest
  8. Project 5 – Danish Pastry
  9. Project 6 – Tote Bag
  10. Project 7 – Beagle
  11. Project 8 – Iris Blooms
  12. Project 9 – French Street Scene
  13. Project 10 – Camel
  14. Project 11 – Poppies
  15. Project Patterns