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Euroflax Linen Wet Spun - Sport Weight

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Euroflax Linen - Europe's finest

Euroflax Linenis 100% Wet Spun. It is easy-care, machine washable and dry-able. Euroflax is the perfect warm weather knitting yarn, with a lustrous drape and soft in hand. 

Euroflax is a long line linen yarn produced from flax-fibre, grown in the fertile soil of Belgium. The flax fibres are then wet-spun in a mill with a rich history of flax spinning producing some of the most exceptional finest linen yarn in the world.  Euroflax linen achieves maximum softness through a double-boiling and steam process.  The ongoing quality of the Euroflax linen is assured by combining fibres from different years ensuring an exceptional quality yarn that won't disappoint.  

Euroflax linen is absorbent, durable and non-allergenic. Linen has superior water wicking properties with linen absorbing up to 20% of its weight in water.  Linen has proven throughout history that it is the perfect summer yarn. 

Tips for working with linen: 

  • Straight of the skein linen can feel course but softens up beautifully by running the yarn through your fingers or hand-winding the skein. 
  • Always swatch! Due to the unique nature of linen (primarily its lack of elasticity), your gauge is likely to differ from other yarns. 
  • Wet finish your swatch. As the linen softens and develops drape, it's important to wash your sample a couple of times for best results.  
  • Look for linen specific patterns. Linen behaves differently from most other yarns, so for best results use a pattern designed for linen and not wool. 

 Additional Information 

100% wet-spun linen. Machine washable and dry-able.

Sports Weight (Fine #2).

Recommended needle size: US 2-4.

Gauge: 6 sts/inch

100-gram skeins contain 240m (270 yards) per skein.